The ‘oohh any news yet?’ Holidays

Has anyone else had a ridiculously up and down holiday period or is that just me?? A brief synopsis of our journey so far… Round 1 gave us 1 fresh transfer and 2 frozen. In November we had the final ‘all or nothing’ transfer which would either result in a fantastic Christmas present or a […]

Positive Pants are back on!

The thing about infertility that I struggle with the most is the strain it has on my general positivity. I’m a positive person. My mindset is always that being negative and down about things will never fix a problem. Then fail no2 happened…. “Next time will be the one.” “Baby just wants to be a […]

Tests, re-tests, re-re-tests

Initial hospital testing – for us, well and truly categorised in the ‘despair’ section of the hope-despair-repeat cycle. From what I can gather through my copious research (honestly, I feel as though I’ve done more Google searches than a PHD student) this is normally a relatively swift process. Check female, check male, identify the problem, […]

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