Strength. Determination. Hope.

Round 1

Round 1 – 3 transfers (1 fresh, 2 frozen) – 0 babies.

I began this blog not for anyone else but for myself. Regardless of whether anyone else would read it, I wanted to be able to look back on our journey and see how far we’ve come. Reading my previous posts I certainly wear my heart on my sleeve!

I’d like to capture today’s feelings in some way as many previous posts have come during difficult times.

Strength – today saw the official start of Round 2. Injecting myself was all too familiar, however I was struck by the strength I felt to take hold of the opportunity we’re lucky enough to have. This is our next chance to start a family and we’re strong enough to go through this again, knowing how painful and difficult the whole process is.

Determination – this round I know exactly how hard this journey is going to be. However, this time round I am determined to enjoy as much of this process as I possibly can. We can do this.

Hope – the 3 little blobs from Round 1 are just so beautiful to me. Our blobs. Our DNA. Our hope. Knowing the next one might be The One is what keeps the hope alive.

It WILL be our time soon.

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  1. Yes, your time will come 😁. I’m the same, I’ve kept a detailed diary of everything, some would call it obsessive 🙈. But now I can look back at my feelings and how much I went through and my daughter can too when she’s old enough. Never take your eye off the prize, when your turn comes it will all be more than worth it ❤❤❤ x


    1. I know those “but what if our day never comes” days will still happen. I’ll look back at how positive I am today though and hopefully it’ll give me the kick up the backside I need!!


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